You have to admire this car

It’s one of the most exciting cars on the road today and takes on challengers, blowing them away as if they never existed. This car shows up on the line with its brethren and leaves them in the dust just as much as the competition. This car has no friends, but doesn’t need any either and shows us what the top of the line can be. Even though it can be lonely being king of anything, this car does so in a regal fashion that shows a huge amount of performance and power for you to fully enjoy.

The car I am referring to is the 2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra which dominates over the GT model and brings in a style that can only be described as fully sinister, regal and billowing with anger and aggression, just like we want it to. This car shows up with well over 600 horsepower and can reach a quarter-mile in well under eleven seconds. This awesome power comes from the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that is easily more than 200 horsepower more than the GT model which only comes up with 435 horsepower and gets left behind by the King Cobra on any run.

The King Cobra model comes in with a look that show off a scaled looking paint job with a cobra on the hood. Ford Racing Director Jamie Allison stated this is “what happens when the entire parts bin at Ford is sampled and put into one package”. While it is the height of Mustang engineering, it’s more than obvious this car was not to be held back and whatever the designers and engineers wanted they were getting for this mean and feisty snake that will show up just about every other car on the road.

The cat back exhaust of this car adds to the power along with the FR3 handling and Fr2 drag pack-equipped chassis, heavy duty half shafts, six piston calipers, dampers and springs, sways and a short throw shifter. Add in the Recaro racing seats and the etched wheels and this is one of the meanest but most gorgeous snakes to every slither its way to the Ford Mustang lineup. Whether this car is chosen in black, gold or red paint the King Cobra is the top Mustang you can buy from Ford and shows off as the absolute best you can have.

When you think of the Mustang, you have to think the Shelby models, the Boss versions, and even the King Cobra high powered snakes that are more than happy to be the height of awesomeness for the lineup. The Mustang has been the most fun sports car on the road for many years as it invites a party of at least four to enjoy the awesome and engaging ride inside and the King Cobra is no different. If you are looking for a car that will make quick work of others on the road or on the track, go with the King Cobra and let it show you exactly why it’s the King Snake.

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