Yes, Mr. Trump, the media is unfair. Deal with it.

Donald Trump Unfair

Reformed ex-Trump supporter here. I’ve successfully broken the spell of “straight talk” and recognized that Donald Trump is way too immature, prickly, and defensive to ever be a successful President of the United States. The keyword that he’s used to declare this: “unfair.”

In the last two days, Trump has said that four different journalists and news outlets have been unfair to him. A man who has used unfair advantages his entire life to improve his lifestyle and win big deals is now crying to the media that the media is unfair to him. Listening to his tirades, I’m ashamed that I ever considered him a valid candidate at all.

It’s easy and I’m not alone. Many listened to him as he stormed out of the gate with guns blazing and big promises spewing from between his lips. He was going to solve immigration, a problem near and dear to many of our hearts. He was going make a better deal with Iran because he’s the best deal maker that has ever lived. He was going to improve the economy the way that he’s built his personal empire.

It all sounded great. It all sounded believable. Then, it started to crumble.

His immigration “plan” is arguably the most unrealistic and ineffective concepts ever proposed. It will cost more money than we have available to spend and it will be an utter disappointment when it doesn’t work. His Iran tough talk turned silly. He apparently lives in a delusional world when it comes to addressing foreign leaders. Worst of all, his tax plan, something that I was dying to see, turns out to be a very liberal plan with important talking points like going after hedge fund managers. Really? That’s the ingenious business plan that’s going to improve the economy? What was I thinking when I fell for this guy?

The icing on the cake has been his reaction to adversity. He handles attacks on his candidacy like an awkward teenager. Maybe that’s why he’s still doing well in the polls. Spellbound voters find his vulnerabilities endearing. Sadly, his weaknesses are his best Presidential traits.

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