Yes, Clinton paid Pagliano out of her own pocket

Bryan Pagliano

The spin doctors are working overtime about Hillary Clinton’s latest email server revelation and it seems to be working. The vast majority of mainstream media seems to be unwilling to declare the absolute conflict of interests associated with her direct payment of staffer Bryan Pagliano to maintain her private email server.

To start, the spin begins with very clear and loud statements that no taxpayer dollars were used to pay Pagliano. This information is being distributed by the Clinton campaign as a positive thing.

The Washington Post came close to calling this what it is when they called it an “unusual arrangement” before reiterating that no taxpayer dollars were used. It took actor James Woods to point out that this is bigger than mainstream media is willing to report:

Here’s the reality of the situation that isn’t getting discussed other than on alternative news sites and some conservative publications. You cannot hire anyone out of your own pocket to do something pertaining to official State Department business. It doesn’t matter whether they work for the State Department or not. This is a blatant breaking of protocol which is why we called for the question to be asked two days ago.

The spin is that no taxpayer dollars were spent and this is supposed to be a good thing. The reality is that private funds were used to have a State Department employee perform actions that directly influenced State Department operations. This is about as clear of a conflict of interests as there’s been in this debacle of a scenario, and yet the mainstream media seems unwilling to point it out.

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