Will Julian Assange escape now that London is stopping their 24-hour vigil?

Julian Assange May Escape

In June, 2012, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange entered the Ecadorean Embassy and asked for political asylum. He hasn’t left ever since as far as the public knows. The reason is because if he’s captured outside of the embassy he will be extradited to Sweden on rape charges and then likely extradited to the United States for a slew of other charges.

Assange has been lingering in the embassy for over three years. Meanwhile, London Police has maintained 24-hour surveillance on the Embassy to uphold a European arrest warrant. The cost to maintain this surveillance is somewhere around $17 million and they aren’t going to do it anymore. The decision has been made to lift the constant watch, though there’s no word about if or when they would be watching otherwise.

It just cost too much…

Then this popped up in the feed and the sordid situation suddenly turned funny.

They aren’t giving up. They’re just playing Russian roulette with their surveillance.

He said he was leaving before…

For historical reference:

This brings a lot of frivolous and conspiratorial questions to mind in this cat and mouse game.

  • Are they really going to halt surveillance or is it a ploy to lure him out?
  • Are the Americans secretly monitoring as well? Next to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Edward Snowden, Assange is their biggest potential catch.
  • Does another interested party have private surveillance ready to go when the London Police go back to catching criminals of their own?
  • Is Assange as sick as he claims to be based upon a respiratory condition induced by breathing the air-conditioned embassy environment for three years?
  • Did Julian Assange already escape months ago?

All of this would be humorous if there wasn’t a possible rape victim and definite victims of espionage that wait for justice at the hands of the Swedes and Americans.

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