Will Israel Keep Oil if it’s from Occupied Territory in the West Bank?

Drilling for Oil in Israel

The short answer – yes. There’s next to no chance that Israel will give over the profits or cease extension of the border in the occupied territory along the West Bank it their projections of the amount of oil there are correct.

The line happens to run right through the Meged 5 oil field. If the oil is found to be plentiful, expect the borders to continue to inch further in. This is, of course, expected and acceptable. The land is theirs. They will be doing the drilling. The Palestinians may see some concessions as a result, but under no circumstances should the money nor the oil itself be given over.

Here’s an opposing view from Aljazeera:

The expectation of a dramatic increase in future profits for Israel from drilling at Meged 5 comes shortly after the World Bank issued a report arguing that Israel was destroying any hope that a future Palestinian state could be economically viable.

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