Will an eleven-year vigil end in arrests near Boston?

For nearly 11 years, Catholics have been holding a continuous vigil in protest of the closing of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini Church south of Boston. On June 5, we’ll find out whether the group will be removed by force or arrested after their petition to freeze the vigil and leave the premises was denied in court. They only have a few days before the eviction takes effect.

The downsizing of the Catholic church in America and around the world caused the Archdiocese of Boston to close the church in 2004. Protesters have been in vigil ever since, demanding that the church remain open or that it gets sold to interested parties to keep it running.

“As we promised from day one, we’ll exhaust every level of recourse,” said Maryellen Rogers, an organizer of the vigil.

No word yet from the Archdiocese or authorities about whether they will be forced out or arrested. The protesters claim that they will not leave and are willing to face arrest and charges over their cause. As Benchmark Reporter posted:

At the moment this vigil is believed to be the only current occupation of a closed U.S. Catholic church. The Roman Catholic Church in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest has been merging and closing due to a multiple factors.  Financial problems aside, emptier pews and a shortage of priests seem to be major issues.

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