Why driverless cars may not happen any time soon

Driverless Car Hack

Earlier this year, one thing came to light in the auto industry: driverless cars are vulnerable to hacks. Shockingly, the software was found to be 10-15 years behind the IT world.

What is interesting is that the flaws that were revealed by the hackers turned out to be invaluable, which led to Jan Mohr, co-author of the report, to suggest creating a market for hackers that would help advance technology much faster in light of the vulnerabilities found.

This idea is not new. The problem is setting the incentive and creating a “controlled” environment for such a market, when currently on the black market there is much more money to be made. It seems it would be a good time to be a professional hacker as the demand is only becoming greater.

The difference in incentives can be a problem when recruiting “quality” hackers, regardless of the industry that needs them. Although some companies have already shelled out millions to white market hackers, if the black market incentives are not matched or at least approached then the takers will be scarce. For the auto industry, that means the driverless car program could be doomed for fear of the dangers posed by vulnerable technology.

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