Ben Carson is not running for Presidenti. He’s running a campaign list-building scam.

Ben Carson List-Building Scam

It doesn’t take a political pundit or a campaign genius to realize that Ben Carson has absolutely zero chance of getting the Republican nomination. It doesn’t take an expert to see that the longer he stays in, the easier it will be for Donald Trump to win the nomination. Are they connected? Is he a secret Trump agent?

No. It’s not like that at all. In fact, he probably doesn’t even see himself as getting in the way of the only two candidates who have a chance of beating Trump. He doesn’t realize that he’s hurting the country he allegedly loves by continuing to take funds and votes from viable candidates. He can’t see that. It’s not part of his focus.

As sad as it is to admit as a former Carson supporter, his only goal at this point is to stay in the race as long as possible so he can build his golden email list. That’s it. Looking at the debacle of the way that his campaign has been run reveals that he’s either too stupid to realize it (and we know he isn’t stupid) or he’s complicit in a scam to raise money for the sake of raising more money. No, he can’t take the money with him after the campaign, but he does retain the assets. Those assets – the email and mailing lists – are convertible to gold.

With this monster list that his campaign has built, he can rent it out. He can sell his books. He can promote speaking engagements. He can build a public policy organization. The sky’s the limit with a list as golden as the one that he’s building and everything his campaign has done from the beginning has been geared towards building the list even further. That’s why he has raised so much money – more direct funds than any other GOP candidate – and has the least to show for it. He doesn’t use the funds he collects to put out television ads or hire staff. He uses it to raise more money. By raising more money, he’s building his list. By building his list, he’s securing a wonderful future for himself after he finally leaves the campaign trail.

If you support Ben Carson with contributions, your information will be rented out. If you sign up for updates on his website or volunteer to help his campaign, your personal information will be rented out. As a former supporter, it pains me to realize that this “honest” man is scamming the American voters and helping Donald Trump to get the nomination.

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