What’s Next for Xbox and PlayStation?

Anyone remember the first incarnations of home video game devices? One joystick and essentially watching a ball bounce back and forth across the screen? Then came the next level devices; Nintendo, Sega, and various other platforms over time. Then Microsoft and Sony completely changed the game with their gaming platforms; the Xbox and the PlayStation. These two systems have revolutionized the gaming world as they release games for their emerging platforms that make our little Super Mario Bros. games look like a four-year-old colored them.

Over the past two decades Playstation has released four different gaming consoles, and each has been exponentially better than the last. Their success has supported Sony’s somewhat lagging brand for several years now. What used to be an electronics giant that made the best of the best when it came to home audio and video has hit a slump lately in that department. It’s largely because of the emergence of mega brands like LG and Samsung coming in and offering superior products for less money. However, the PlayStation line may be largely responsible for keeping Sony afloat all these years.
Microsoft, however, is no stranger to success as they have continued to release software, complete with upgrades every few years. They also remain a giant in terms of operating systems for home computers, competing only with Apple, really. However, where they may have failed with the release of the short-lived Zune, they are knocking it out of the part with the Xbox. Now in it’s third fully reconfigured version, the Xbox One has been a great seller that has built a very loyal following.

Which Do You Prefer

Every gamer has an absolute preference when it comes to one of these two devices. There are Playstation fanatics that are willing to express their distaste for the Xbox – mostly the controller and the live platform expense – and the same is true of Xbox fanatics. Either way, you slice it, both consoles are pretty popular, but fans of both are asking the same question.

What Comes Next

The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have been out for quite a while now and the disappointing news is that the next Xbox and the PlayStation 5 aren’t coming out this year, at least. Maybe next, but reports are pretty vague about release dates as Sony and Microsoft both like to keep things mum until they can get closer to the great reveal.
No worries, though! Each of these consoles has a bigger, better, faster, stronger upgrade coming out later this year. It may not be what everyone has been clamoring for but they both seem to be a good reason to drop some serious coin before the next generation comes out. There will be gamers on the fence, worldwide, as they debate whether or not they want to buy this incarnation or save their pennies for the dramatically upgraded next-gen models.
For Xbox, it’s the Xbox One X. It doesn’t look all that different and Microsoft is already warning that this console isn’t going to please every gamer out there. They’ve done away with some of the perks of upgrading, like a free Kinect, but many early reviews are saying it’s worth the price.
For Playstation, it’s the PS4 Pro and it’s already looking like the favorable upgrade for most gamers. Both will run in 4K ultra HD video, but the PS4 Pro is a lot more approachable and seems to be able to fully support everything it’s running. It’s supposedly inferior to the powerhouse that is the Xbox One X, but PS4 fans should probably dig it.
The Xbox One X may be the superior machine, but PS4 Pro might treat you better. It’s going to be up to the gamer to decide what is more important to them. Chances are, loyalists are going to stick with what they know.

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