What to do with the Dodge Dart

2016 Dodge Dart

Is Dodge in the middle of supercharging every one of their models?  We already have the two Hellcat twins and we are about to have the Track Hawk which is the Hellcat version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, so what else does Dodge or better yet FCA feel they need to have a Hellcat/SRT/supercharged model of each and every one of their vehicles.  With that in mind what is Dodge planning to do with the Dart to make it a higher powered version of itself to bring it in line with the other power machines that already make up the Dodge lineup?

The actual upgraded version of the Dart will be much more than just a high powered model that is meant to reflect the lineup with the Hellcats when it arrives at Dodge dealerships, but will actually be a throwback to the 1980s when Carroll Shelby helped Chrysler create the Omnis GLH (GLH = Goes Like Hell) and the follow up the Omnis GLHS.  This badging made instant speed glory for the model and now the goal is to have Dodge revive the GLH badge for the Dart to turn this compact sedan into a hot-rod model of itself.

How did the idea of bringing back the GLH badge come about?  Mostly like anything else in a business ideas tend to come up when in place that takes you away from your daily routine.  The idea for the Dart GLH came up at a meeting in Las Vegas along with the idea to bring in a Hellcat powered Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Dodge Barracuda convertible.  It seems that the leaders at FCA either haven’t head an idea they didn’t like, or this was just too good to pass up because all three are expect to actually take place, and the Track Hawk (the Hellcat powered Jeep Grand Cherokee) has already happened.

What is expected with the Dart is the GLH will be powered by a hot turbocharged engine add many performance enhancements that resemble the current Dart R/T concept model and actually will be available across the lineup with a starting price under $20,000, making it an ideal near-new purchase at a used car dealership as well..  This will mean you can get a Dart GLH for a great price and have a lot of fun driving you Dodge Dart, which is already a fun car to drive in a compact sedan model that is attractive and sporty in its design.

Thus far we have been promised an SRT version of the Dodge Dart for 2017 which was expected to show up with more than 300 horsepower and at least 300 lb.-ft. of torque.  This would be a car that would be able to give the new Ford Focus RS a run for its money, but would certainly not be in line with the GLH pricing we are hearing about right now.  This certainly gives Dodge a bit of a dilemma, how are they going to keep both promises unless the give us both a GLH and a SRT model lineup, which certainly no one would complain about.

Overall, seeing how this Las Vegas meeting has already produced the new Track Hawk and the Barracuda is on its way we will certainly see at least one version of the Dart to enjoy.  The GLH is more likely to be chosen because of its lower pricing structure and ability to be the version many more Dart lovers are going to be able to afford the GLH model than a more pricy SRT version.  This makes much more sense and will certainly give us a great model that will love and admire very soon.

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