What the killing of two American soldiers by a Jordanian police officer tells us

US Military in Jordan

The Middle East is a place of turmoil. One does not have to look at Syria or Iraq to see the devastation and desperation that fills the region. Even looking at the more stable areas such as Israel or Jordan reveals a deep underlying chaos that has been under the surface for a while but that is rearing its ugly head recently.

Those in the Middle East know that it’s simply not as uncommon as we would like to believe in Western culture. They also know it isn’t really all that new, thought it seems to have been escalating lately. There’s a risk for everyone in the region at all times regardless of where you are. Some would say that the same risks are everywhere in the world, but the Middle East as a whole seems to be more dangerous than Nebraska. The death rates are more consistent with Chicago if a comparison must be made.

The latest murders involved United States military. Two soldiers were killed by a Jordanian police officer before he took his own life. They were clearly targeted because they were Americans assigned to help train Iraqi and Palestinian forces. For whatever reason, the Jordanian officer didn’t like this, whether it had something to do with ideology or if he simply didn’t like Americans in his country. Regardless of the reasons, two Americans are dead and some are reporting that there may be other American and Jordanian injuries currently being reported.

The irony is that these men were put there in order to assist the Jordanian government in defending their own people. These weren’t occupiers or soldiers hunting for terrorists. They were trainers with the intention of helping. That goes to further demonstrate that intentions are not enough to overcome the hatred that many feel towards the United States.

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