What does Russia’s massive air force exercise mean to the west?

Russia is no stranger to military muscle flexing or statements made in the form of military maneuvers. It seems whenever they feel the need to remind the world who they are, they gather their military powers together and start making moves reminiscent to body builders lifting weights at the beach. It’s not really about working out. It’s about making a statement.

The statement is being heard loud and clear after they launched their massive air force exercise, conveniently scheduled for America’s Memorial Day, but what are they really trying to say? Are they implying that they could move their Ukrainian ambitions forward soon? Are they warning the United States and Europe to stay out of any future conflicts they might embark upon in the region?

Nobody knows for sure. Here are the details from MSN:

The Defence Ministry said in a statement Monday the drills will involve air force and air defence units of the Central, Western and Southern Military Districts totalling 12,000 servicemen. Combat aircraft will deploy to temporary bases and air defence systems will be sent to the Ashuluk and Kapustin Yar shooting ranges in southern Russia for training with live ammunition.

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