Washington Post, others start to blame Trump’s sustained success on American stupidity

Donald Trump Attracts Stupid Americans

The media elitists have been befuddled since June or July. Donald Trump shouldn’t still be in the race, let alone leading in the Republican Presidential nomination polls, and yet there he is. After months of bewilderment and even frustration at times, they’re starting to chalk it up to the uninformed nature of voters. It couldn’t be that people actually like him, right?

In reality, it’s a mixture of both. Yes, the voters are not paying enough attention to realize that Trump lies. A lot. In fact, most of his most popular stances are partial or complete fabrications.

The other side of the coin is true as well. Regardless of what he says, how he says it, or who he says it to (or about), many voters have embraced his narrative in a way that makes him pretty much media bulletproof. They realize that he’s not able to do what he says he’s going to do, but they don’t trust that anyone will do what they say they’re going to do. If you’re going to have to listen to lies, they might as well be entertaining. Otherwise, all that’s left is anger.

The premise that he will eventually fall is not in question. It isn’t just the pundits who realize this. It seems to be everyone other than Trump’s passionate supporters who realize that even if he’s able to continue his tear towards the Republican nomination, that he could never beat the Democratic nominee. The ironic part is that he might be the best primary candidate and the worst general election candidate for the Republicans. It’s the strongest year in decades for the Republican field with at least five candidates who could easily defeat any of the three seeking the Democratic nomination.

Unfortunately for Republicans, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, or Carly Fiorina could beat Hillary Clinton, but they might not get a chance if they can’t beat Trump. If Trump’s the nominee, the reins will be released from the media and he will be publicly destroyed by the stories they would unleash on him. Stories of him using eminent domain to try to literally steal an old lady’s house so he could build a parking lot for limousines would fill the airwaves. Tales of misogyny from disgruntled beauty queens who were shamed by their creepy pageant ringleader would run with a new tale every week. His name will come to stand for racism, lies, and incompetence.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, likely candidate Hillary Clinton will be shifting her perspectives towards the middle to sound like the more sane choice to moderates and independents. In the end, a Trump candidacy will make a Clinton Presidency a certainty. Trump’s general election numbers will have a chance of making Barry Goldwater’s 1964 run seem like a success.

The problem really comes down to education. It’s not just that Trump supporters are generally less educated. It’s that they don’t seek to be educated about the candidates. All they hear is a man who talks and reacts like they would if they were running for President and that’s endearing to them. According to an old but relevant statistic, his supporters have the worst grasp of the English language and based upon his popularity they would seem to have the worst grasp on public policy as well.

While liberal mainstream media quietly cheers Trump on, the Republican party may soon have to figure out how to do damage control following his nomination.

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