Was the Iranian deal a business move?

The focus of the recent talks to end UN sanctions in exchange for halting Iran’s nuclear ambitions has surrounded security in the Middle East and the suffering of the people. Are there any other major reasons that the “bad deal” that Israeli Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu has been fighting is being pushed through?

For starters, there are many in America, particularly conservatives, who believe this is a legacy-builder for US President Barack Obama as well as Secretary of State John Kerry. With a poor record on foreign policy that even his Democrat party friends cannot defend, a sustained deal with Iran could be the only feather the Nobel Peace Prize winner can hang his hat on when his second term ends.

Others are pointing to the economic benefits that will be spread out to other countries, including America and European export nations. There are around 80 million people in Iran and while the per capita numbers are poor, there is still economic opportunity that will become available if a deal is put into motion.

As the BBC puts it:

Sanctions by the United States and the European Union on Iran’s financial, energy and trade sectors have held back the country once described as “the biggest untapped market before Mars and the Moon” by Martin Sorrel of advertising giant WPP.

Some anticipate a “gold rush” once Iran’s 77-million-strong, highly educated, consumption-savvy market opens up.

Read more on the BBC.

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