US troops take issue with ‘partners’ helping to find Joseph Kony


The U.S.’ hunt for African warlord Joseph Kony has led Special Operations to get help from a rebel alliance group known as Séléka. The group was formerly headed by the president of the Central African Republic, Michel Djotodia, who resigned in 2013. U.S. troops are uncomfortable with the recent “partner” their government has chosen to help find Kony, especially since the group he leads, The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), doesn’t pose a direct threat to American interests.

Capital Hill says otherwise.

What makes this partnership so bad is that Séléka has killed and caused thousands to flee a once predominately Christian area in Africa who found peace among their Muslim neighbors. These people typically have no connection to Kony or any other militia group. Yet, Séléka kills both Christians and Muslims. A U.S. military official has said that leaders in the group “are playing us” because Séléka have made agreements with Kony’s fighters.

South Sudan is said to have supplied Séléka rebels with weapons and ammunition. In the past, the Central African Republic government has received weapons from Sudan, China, and Iran. But S. Sudan in particular supplies weapons to Séléka because many of its members are Sudanese mercenaries.

President Obama in 2014 froze the assets as well as banned travel for Djotodia and François Bozizé who both led the rebel militia. The Séléka group has since disbanded and is currently spread out in many areas of central Africa. Meanwhile, they are still killing and displacing thousands of people. The government is still in a civil war and it seems that of all the atrocities Kony did, this war is on par to do much more.

A Christian militia group called the Anti-balaka was formed to fight the Séléka, but they too have been accused of killing innocent Muslims who were in no way affiliated with Séléka.

The irony is that the U.S. gives aid to the Uganda government to help find Kony, but Uganda is also using tyrannical enforcement on those who oppose anything the government does so to discourage militias. In addition, they kill homosexuals. Thus far, Obama has only warned Uganda over its anti-gay policies.

How is anything going to be achieved if, again, the U.S. uses both sides to achieve its mission? If the U.S. is needing the help of Séléka, then it is inevitable that the group will be receiving something in return. When both sides are played then both sides are paid, thus the civil war will continue. And with it death and destruction.

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