United Airlines has brought passport scanning to its mobile app

United Airlines has brought passport scanning to its mobile app

It doesn’t matter if you check in online, if you’re flying international, you have to show your passport somewhere at the airport. United Airlines, however, is looking to do away with that annoying step in an already annoying process with the latest update for its app for iOS and Android.

The United Airlines app has been updated with to enable you to scan your passports on your own. If you check in within 24 hours of your departure, you’ll be given the option to scan your passport using your smartphone’s camera, similar to how you would take a picture of a check for a mobile deposit.

“We are focused on building the most useful travel app in the industry for our customers,” said Scott Wilson, United’s vice president of merchandising and ecommerce. “The new passport scanning feature saves valuable time and provides customers with more options to control their travel experience.”

United Airlines still has to send the information to a third party in order to verify your documents, but so long as everything is in order, you’ll be able to print a boarding pass. The best part is that if you’ve already registered your passport, you won’t need to do it again as it will be verified automatically.

Unfortunately, you’ll still have to wait in line at the airport if you’re travelling somewhere that requires you to have a Visa. The app has also been updated with additional bug fixes as well as more information on cards regarding flight boarding times.

Read more about the story at the Wall Street Journal.


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