Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is the best option available for Democrats

Hillary Clinton Unfortunately

There were so many options available to Democrats at one point. The anyone-but-Hillary crowd was pushing so many names out there that it was assumed someone would take the bait. When the email server issues started popping up, it was all but secured that someone was going to swoop in and save the Democratic party. Nobody did.

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Colorado’s John Hickenlooper, Montana’s Steve Bullock, Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren, and a handful of others were being pushed unsuccessfully. Al Gore’s name has been thrown out there, a do-over from an election 15 years ago that many Democrats felt he should have won. Then, there was Vice President Joe Biden, the guy that many assumed would pick up the Obama mantle and run on a third term principle. None of it happened and now it seems like we’re stuck.

Or are we? Is it completely out of the question that Bernie Sanders can pick up enough support to overcome Hillary’s lead? The crazy white-haired socialist is doing well in many states. With Hillary likely to be dogged for years of failures, scandals, and ineffective governing, shouldn’t the Democrats be strongly considering someone with a much stronger record?

The answer is yes, we should. The reality is no, we probably won’t. As reluctant as many of us progressives are to embrace Clinton as our only option outside of the Republican party, it’s time to make a decision. Do we want to drag it out to get the better candidate or do we want to push Clinton through so she can do better in the general election? The polls show the latter, but I am not convinced. I cannot believe that Hillary Clinton, who did next to nothing at the State Department and even less as a Senator, is the only choice that Democrats have this year.

I am speaking for myself and not this publication when I say that Democrats must unite around the only true force of change and progressive ideas running in this election. If that means making Hillary Clinton work harder before she can claim her nomination tiara, so be it. I’d rather take a chance at greatness rather than settling up front for mediocrity.

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