Trump University trial, KKK endorsements, hidden tax returns: No, Trump can’t beat Clinton

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton would be the weakest Democratic nominee for President since Michael Dukakis if she’s able to beat Bernie Sanders. For this reason, it’s insane that Republicans would shoot themselves in the foot once again by matching her up with the one GOP candidate who will be her scapegoat on all of her weakest attributes.

Just as the Republicans put up the architect of Ronmeycare to take on Obamacare, we’re on the verge of fighting Clinton’s corruption with someone even more corrupt. Just as the Republicans put up John “Positive Campaign” McCain against Obama when his past needed to be attacked wholeheartedly, we’re going to nominate the epitome of crony capitalism to fight against Clinton’s less-ambitious cronyism. The Republicans have had matchup problems the last two elections and we’re on the verge of doing the same thing this election.

Let’s examine the three most recent hot topics surrounding Donald Trump. If we go back further, we could demonstrate dozens of instances where Trump matches up poorly against Clinton, but these three should suffice.

Clinton’s Bad Choice vs Trump’s Fraud

The email scandal may or may not end up yielding an indictment, but there’s a near certainty that Trump will be put on the witness stand to defend one of his failed companies in three fraud cases. Fraud. It’s a dirty word and the evidence seems to be pretty clear that Trump University bilked thousands of Americans based upon promises that Trump himself made while marketing the product.

Clinton’s email scandal is extremely unlikely to be prosecuted before election day. Trump’s case starts in July. Republicans have a case to make that she should be prosecuted, but the Democrats will acknowledge Clinton made a bad choice. Then, they’ll turn the tables and point to the defrauding of hard working Americans as a real crime compared to her choice of using a personal server.

Clinton’s Minority Strength vs Trump’s White Supremacy Ties

The Republicans always say that if they could appeal to minorities, they would win more elections. Clinton has done a tremendous job of reaching out to minorities throughout the campaign, stomping on former civil rights activist Bernie Sanders. If she can beat Sanders who marched with minorities, how will she fair when competing against someone endorsed by the KKK?

Trump had an opportunity to dispel this. Instead, he chose to play dumb in hopes that the American people are stupid. Watch this video. There’s no need to watch it more than once; if he’s nominated, the Democrats are going to put this on every television and YouTube stream across America for months.

He passed on the opportunity to disavow the KKK. This alone would eliminate any other candidate from nomination consideration, but Trump is different. He could still win the nomination, but he would be obliterated in the general election.

Clinton’s Secrets vs Trump’s Big Secret

Trump has built his campaign around the idea of being a straight talker, of cutting through the bull to the core of the issues. He’s made no apologies for his actions. However, when it comes to his tax returns, it’s been nothing but smokescreens.

If there was nothing damaging in his tax returns, he would have agreed to release them. Not only has he not agreed, he’s said that he will start considering whether or not he wants to release them in two months. That puts the party in a pickle. If he releases them and there’s something damaging (which there obviously is) then we lose. If he doesn’t release them, the Democrats will point to obstruction and we lose. Either way, his tax returns will be a major problem in the general election.

The best matchup against Clinton is a principled conservative with a track record that contrasts with hers. Donald Trump is too similar to her in multiple ways. He will not be able to challenge her because her weaknesses are his weaknesses as well. In November, a Trump nomination will result in a Clinton Presidency.

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