Trump thanks dead doctor for writing his clean bill of health

Donald Trump Health

The real story here has nothing to do with the minor gaffe that Donald Trump made by thank a doctor who died in 2010 for the letter his son wrote. It’s the fact that the letter sounds very suspiciously like one written by the Trump campaign with all of the hyperbole we’ve come to know and love (or hate) about the Republican Presidential candidate.

Regarding the Tweet, it was quickly deleted once the error was noticed.

Donald Trump Tweets About Dead Doctor

Let’s get past the recommendation letter format that some are trying to call out. In truth, this is very standard and shouldn’t be attacked for its lack of substance. Instead, let’s look at the last line where a medical doctor is stating “unequivocally” that Trump would be the healthiest person ever elected to the Presidency.


The statement is actually the exact opposite of unequivocal. Unless the doctor was somehow able to examine the previous Presidents before they took office, the statement is a logic fallacy. It doesn’t even make sense from an anecdotal perspective. John F. Kennedy seemed pretty darn healthy in office. Herbert Hoover lived 31 years after he left the White House. Heck, 2nd President John Adams lived 25 years after he left office and lived to the age of 90 in a world with less pollution and no chemicals in the food.

I would venture a guess that the current President could perform better in a physical exam than Trump. Dr. Harold Bornstein himself appears to be exactly what one might expect from Trump’s doctor. We’re not judging. We’re just leaving this out there…

Donald Trump's Doctor

There is definitely nothing unequivocal about any claim that Donald Trump would be the healthiest President ever. Of course, in this campaign, nothing short of the best in every regard possible is good enough for Trump.

Here’s the text of the letter:

To Whom My Concern:

I have been the personal physician of Mr. Donald J. Trump since 1980. His previous physician was my father, Dr. Jacob Bornstein. Over the past 39 years, I am pleased to report that Mr. Trump has had no significant medical problems. Mr. Trump has had a recent complete medical examination that showed only positive results. Actually, his blood pressure, 110/65, and laboratory test results were astonishingly excellent.

Over the past twelve months, he has lost at least 15 pounds. Mr. Trump takes 81 mg of aspirin daily and a low dose of a statin. His PSA test score is 0.15 (very low). His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.

Mr. Trump has suffered no form of cancer, has never had a hip, knee or shoulder replacement or any other orthopedic surgery. His only surgery was an appendectomy at age ten. His cardiovascular health is excellent. He has no history of ever using alcohol or tobacco products.

If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.

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