Threats from Obama and Clinton propel gun sales

Gun Sales in the United States

If you want to scare up gun sales, talk about gun control. That’s been the case for the entirety of President Obama’s terms and the threat of having Hillary Clinton as a possible future President has gun owners terrified. The results are not only predictable and comical but also a bit concerning.

The concern comes in the form of increases in gun violence. While gun rights activists are very clear (and very correct) in their assertions that legal gun sales do not contribute nearly as much to violence as the illegal ownership by “the bad guys,” the presence of more guns in circulation always has the unintended consequence of increasing the number of one-offs. These incidents occur because the availability of guns to the irresponsible or mentally ill increases as righteous gun owners make mistakes. In essence, the more guns that are sold, the higher the risk of accidents and insane acts of violence.

That doesn’t stop gun stores from raking it in every time someone talks about taking guns away.

The healthy supply of guns and availability to “the good guys” is the right choice for the country. There are ways to address gun violence that do not deter law abiding citizens from taking advantage of their rights to own firearms.

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