The Spotify of It All

The Spotify of It All

Remember when listening to music was as simple as popping a CD in the player in the car? On the same hand, remember how much of a pain it was to have to burn a CD of all your favorite songs so you didn’t end up skipping half the disc? Today’s music apps have changed the way we listen to music. In this world, we have Pandora fans, we have Apple Music people, and then there are the Spotify listeners who rely on the app’s user-friendly music selection process.

While Spotify’s subscription service and Apple Music differ only slightly, there is one glaring difference; Apple Music can only be accessed on Apple devices where Spotify is accessible for everyone. Otherwise, both services offer over 30,000 titles that can be added to specialized individual playlists. With half the population using android phones, Spotify is likely winning out over Apple’s subscription-based music service, even at the same price point. Pandora has had a difficult time keeping up with the popularity of Spotify’s service, so it’s not really part of the comparison at this point.

Spotify Premium, available for $9.99 a month, allows users to ability to listen to radio stations that trend based on what the user is listening or to follow other people’s playlists and access their music. It’s pretty cool that you’re able to choose the songs you’re listening to, rather than having to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to get to the next song you like. Certainly, Pandora also has a subscription service, but it’s been considered a great deal less user-friendly than that of what Spotify has to offer.

The Advantages of Premium Membership

  • Works Offline – Spotify Premium allows users to download their playlists, thus making them available with or without cellular service or an internet connection. As a result, you can listen to your favorite music on the beach, in your car, or at the gym without racking up painful data charges. Keep in mind, however, that the downloaded songs will occupy your phone’s or tablet’s storage, so if you have six GB of music on an 8GB phone, it’s going to eat up a lot of your phone’s memory, thus making it run a little slower.
  • Unlimited Playlists – With Spotify Premium you can make playlist after playlist and customize what you listen to based on your mood. By creating an individual playlist, you don’t have to surf through songs to listen to what you want. If you’re in the mood for show tunes, make a playlist and it’s there. While there are probably plenty of stations dedicated to Broadway’s greatest hits, you don’t have to suffer from the ones you hate. Add the songs you want and only those songs are available on that playlist. Want a playlist for every day of the month? You can do that.
  • Follow Your Friends – If you have multiple friends who also use the app, you can follow their playlists and it will automatically put that playlist in your library so you’re free to access it whenever. If you have a friend who is always up on the newest music and you want to see what’s happening on their list, just pull it up and start listening. It’s as easy as that. (My sister and I share playlists all the time since they play new stuff on her local stations long before it gets to my area.)
  • Check the Hits – If you want to stay up on the hottest music available, Spotify has plenty of readily made stations that will allow you to listen to all of the most popular music out there. It’s categorized several different ways; by genre, by locale, or by top 50. If you haven’t listened to the radio in three years and want to hear what’s new, pull up a station and feast your ears. It’s that easy.
  • It Remembers – Spotify will remember what you’ve searched for in the past or what you listen to most often and it will coordinate stations just for you based on that memory. For example, if you’re consistently listening to a playlist featuring the top forty hits of today when your playlist runs its course, Spotify will create a station and continue the playback based on what was on that playlist.

So… Yay Spotify!

The aforementioned advantages are just the beginning of what Spotify has to offer and it’s downloadable on any device, will play through your Bluetooth, and it’s only ten bucks a month. Come on, you’ve spent $10 on worse stuff, right?

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