The question for Hillary Clinton’s aide that must be asked

Hillary Clinton Troubles

It doesn’t matter whether you like Hillary Clinton or not. It doesn’t even matter if you plan on voting for her as the Democratic nominee or not. There’s a question that should be ringing in the back of everyone’s head that we’d all love to ask the State Department employee that the FBI is trying to question regarding the for Secretary of State’s private email server.

Bryan Pagliano, who has invoked the 5th Amendment to keep him from having to testify, may have all of the answers that the government needs to determine whether or not to open a criminal investigation into Clinton. Unfortunately, they are stuck in a catch-22. Standard practice is to offer immunity to a witness in exchange for their testimony when a full investigation is underway, but they may need his testimony to determine whether or not to expand the investigation.

If we get the opportunity, we’d love to know if he was paid by the Clintons directly. This would be a clear breach of protocol at the very least and possibly a huge security risk.

The development has become a hit on Twitter but we haven’t seen anyone asking the right question yet:

As the story develops, we’ll see what is made of it all. One thing is for certain. Breach or no breach, criminal protocol or simply a faux pas, the simple solution to finding out whether or not anything criminal happened is to follow the money.

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