The last hope for Jeb Bush: being the sensible choice

Jeb Bush Sensible

This wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. In April and May, Jeb Bush was almost more of a foregone conclusion as the Republican nominee for President than Hillary Clinton was for the Democrats. He had the name, the money, and the momentum.

Today, he still has the name and most of the money but he has no momentum. None. His campaign is going nowhere.

It’s time for the Bush campaign to throw a hail mary pass. They need to get aggressive. To do so, they’ll have to do something crazy. They’ll need to paint Jeb Bush as the sensible choice. I know – that doesn’t sound like a very bold move. In almost every other election cycle, it wouldn’t be bold at all. This time, it’s the only move he has left to make.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and most pertinently Marco Rubio have taken over the idea of being passionate, outrageous, and loud. Bush can’t compete. His only chance is to hope for sensibility to return to the Republican party and he needs to be the guy leading that charge.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s impossible. It can’t work. Bush is done. I admit that I feel mostly the same way, but there’s something about Bush that needs to come out. It’s the same thing that made his father so popular over the years. If he can’t be the sensible choice, he truly has no chance of being around after mid-March.

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