Tensions rise as Hong Kong protesters try to break into a government building

Tensions have flared once again in Hong Kong as law enforcement officers arrested four men after a small group of pro-democracy protesters wielded metal barricades and concrete slabs as they attempted to force their way into the city’s legislative building, just hours after authorities used court orders to clear a small stretch of the main protest zone.

Pro-democracy legislature member Fernando Cheung attempted to intervene, but was pushed back by the assailants. “This is a very, very isolated incident. I think it’s very unfortunate and this is something we don’t want to see happen because the movement so far has been very peaceful,” he told Reuters.

Protest leaders and pro-democracy lawmakers condemned the attempted break-in, stressing that the movement, which is currently entering its seventh week, has been peaceful. Police say that the group of protesters, wearing masks and hard hats, injured three officers as it repeatedly charged the cordon, who fought back with pepper spray, batons, and riot shields.

Many protesters are frustrated with the lack of progress, saying: “The government is not listening. It keeps on having meetings every day. The rubbish legislators keep on talking rubbish. It’s meaningless, and because of the injunctions some barricades were cleared. If the revolution fails because of injunctions it cannot be called a revolution,” as quoted by BBC.

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