Ted Cruz brings religious liberty back to center stage with five chilling stories

Religious Liberty

Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, it’s hard to believe that religious liberties would be superseded in the name of discrimination. It’s happening today in America. One doesn’t have to be religious to see that injustices are being perpetrated against those of faith.

Perhaps it’s seen as retribution or payback for sins of the past. There is no doubt that discrimination has existed and continues to exist, but the fact that the country was founded by people who were trying to escape religious persecution brings irony to the current situation. None of the people in the video below produced by the Ted Cruz campaign can be seen as doing anything other than having faith and maintaining their moral fortitude. They all lost as a result. They are all now called bigots, not because they did something bad to others but because the didn’t want to be forced to do something bad to their own values.

Some of the victims are highlighted as examples of what is happening in the new America.

Here, we get to see the video that the Cruz campaign made that brings five of the stories into perspective.

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