A Tech Company Focused on Autonomous Technology

A Tech Company Focused On Autonomous Technology

Can you imagine the outrage that will ensue if a tech company that has announced it will participate in the development of self-driving technology will continue to do just that and won’t focus at all on the building of a car. Isn’t there some type of shared responsibility where a tech company is expected to enter the fray with its own take on the automotive market or at least with some test mules that can help to develop the technology desired to allow these companies to show what their tech can do in a real world test.

The company that we thought would follow the path of the rest of the market and build a car that can drive itself is Apple. As a company that’s been secretive about what its developing over the years, this nature might work against Apple in the long run because there might not be a partner to be had as it develops the self-driving tech we might use in the future. That hasn’t dissuaded Apple or caused them to change course as of yet, but the project of creating the autonomous system we may see in the future is being described as the “mother of all Artificial Intelligence projects” by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.

As the automotive world changes from one that offers us only the ability to get around to become an industry that brings electrification, ride sharing and eventually autonomy to the market, Apple wants to be part of the solution that adds autonomy to vehicles. While many companies have already begun testing vehicles and some have done so for a few years now. Even though Apple has no current intentions of building its own car for testing or for sale to the public, Cook declined to state that this wasn’t a possibility for their autonomous technology in the future.

Another way that Apple has had success in the past was to sit back and watch what other companies have done before developing a better way to do things and have the quality over the initial products that are offered. Apple wasn’t the first to the market with a smartphone, but they certainly have become the most popular and used brand on the market in the past few years with the iPhone that we enjoy using. This may be the same approach being used in order to bring an autonomous vehicle to the market.

What Apple is lacking at the moment, unless we are simply not being told about it, is a partner to provide them with the vehicles they want to add their autonomous technology to. This means that Apple has no way to test their developments if they are in fact working on any form of autonomous technology for vehicles at the moment. Once again, the secretive nature of Apple may be why we don’t know much as this company likes to allow us to question and wonder what will come from them either in the form of tech or in the form of an actual product.

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