Top 10 Sarah Palin Resources

Sarah Palin ImageSarah Palin has been all over the news.  Ever since her tapping as John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, the world has been watching her, waiting for her to shine or fail.  The scrutiny has gone beyond any other VP candidate in history because she was relatively unknown, she has strong views that are controversial at times, and yes, most importantly, because she is a woman, the first GOP VP female candidate.

With all of the news swirling around her, it can be difficult to find the real facts.  Here are 10 websites that are as honest and factual as they can be, trying not to totally endorse or smear her, but simply to tell us who she is.  Read them, enjoy them, link to them, but most of all, understand that the real issue here is not her gender but whether or not she can lead this country as President if that day comes. [Read more…]