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Rick Perry Sweating

Perry is running and it’s making him sweat

Note to presidential candidate campaign managers: if you’re going to hold a press conference in Texas in June, do so in an air conditioned room. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry learned that the hard way today when he officially announced he was running for president while dripping sweat everywhere. ThoseRead More

John Kerry Iran Congress

White House relents to Senate demands for voice in Iran deal

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will have to bring their Iran deal before congress before it can be finalized. This comes about in a most uncommon way in today’s political world – through bipartisan agreement that goes against the wishes of the President.

Obama authorizes the Pentagon to call upon reserve troops

Obama authorizes the Pentagon to call upon reserve troops

President Obama issued an executive order on Thursday which authorized the Pentagon to call upon reserve troops in order to combat the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has ravaged the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. He also opened the door to an Ebola “czar”Read More

President Obama approves a Civil War soldier for the Medal of Honor

More than 150 years after his courageous death in the Battle of Gettysburg, an officer in the Union Army is being awarded the highest military decoration that the United States has to offer, thanks to a campaign by his descendants and Civil War buffs that has lasted decades. The WhiteRead More

Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria

President Barack Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria, which could very well be a precursor to airstrikes in the war-torn country. President Obama won’t necessarily seek congressional approval for airstrikes against Islamic State militants in the country, according to White House officials. As for the Syrian government, it hasRead More

Al Gore: Milking Non-Commitment for Everything It’s Got

Al Gore