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Supreme Court Justices 2015

Is this the most important Supreme Court term ever?

The short answer is, “Yes.” This term of the Supreme Court, which ends in a month, is going to mark the most important set of decisions in recent history. It’s probably not going to be as permanently remembered such as sessions where landmark decisions were made, but the body ofRead More

Islamic State Victories

Is the Obama strategy in Iraq facing a credibility issue?

The story from the White House is that the Islamic State is losing their war and that Iraq and other nations in the Middle East are becoming more secure every day. The story from nearly every news outlet and analyst outside of United States paints a much more grim pictureRead More

Hillary Clinton's Attorney David Kendall

Clinton used multiple emails after all

Between Hillary Clinton’s campaign team and her lawyer, they left absolutely zero doubt that the former Secretary of State had one email address during her tenure. They were militant in their convictions about the certainty of this fact and they were indignant towards anyone who would remotely suggest otherwise. AsRead More

Warren Obama

Democrats block Obama

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is far from defeated, but President Barack Obama’s big push, supported by many Republicans, hit a roadblock today when the Democrats and many Tea Party members found a common foe. They were able to block “fast track” authority that would have given the President the ability toRead More

Barack Obama Middle East

Skepticism in Middle East precedes summit

Persian Gulf nations are hoping to put firm agreements in place with the United States for security in the region. The “gentleman agreements” that have been in place for decades are no longer enough for Middle East nations to trust the Untied States in general and specifically the Obama administrationRead More

Lethal Injection

Is Midazolam to inhumane for lethal injections?

Many executions in the United States occur through lethal injection and one of the most popular components in these lethal injections is the drug Midazolam. It is often the first of multiple drugs administered and acts like Xanax or Valium to reduce pain and to force unconsciousness prior to lethalRead More

Threat Sharing Cyber-Security Bill

Companies are still not liable for sharing cyber-security information with Homeland Security

It wasn’t as controversial as some of the privacy an security proposals that have crossed politicians’ desks in recent years, but there is still some concern from privacy advocates and consumer rights groups about the congressional passage of the so-called “threat-sharing” cyber-security bill. It easily passed the the House ofRead More

Matteo Renzi

Italian PM Renzi’s electoral law proposal if ruffling feathers

When a politician proposes new rules to the way his or her country’s elections are handled, there’s always going to be push back. It usually comes in the form of complaints from other parties, the media, and usually even the people. In the case of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’sRead More

John Kerry Iran Congress

White House relents to Senate demands for voice in Iran deal

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will have to bring their Iran deal before congress before it can be finalized. This comes about in a most uncommon way in today’s political world – through bipartisan agreement that goes against the wishes of the President.

Marco Rubio

The criticism of Marco Rubio is already rolling in

He has been a candidate for the GOP nomination for president less than four hours and the mainstream media is already saying that he has no chance. Marco Rubio is the latest to get have the naysayers at the NY Times calling him out before his campaign has even begun.