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Obama asks the German people to give the NSA “the benefit of the doubt”

It’s no secret that revelations about the NSA’s international surveillance operations in Europe have severely damaged America’s reputation in the region, particularly in Germany. President Obama addressed this issue at a press conference that was held in

North Korea calls Obama a “monkey” and blames him for The Interview

The recent Sony Pictures hack has been one of the hottest topics on the news over the past few weeks, particularly in the United States. From the controversy surround the release of The Interview, to the numerous

Obama proposes equipping all police officers with body cameras

President Obama announced on Monday that the federal government will try to reduce what he calls “simmering distrust” between police officers and the minority communities in the United States, according to The New York Times, in part

Obama plans to shield five million illegal immigrants from deportation

Despite near universal opposition from Republicans, President Barack Obama will announce an overhaul of United States immigration policy through an executive action that would shield about five million illegal immigrants from deportation and provide several of them

Obama wants to put Myanmar back on the path toward democracy

President Barack Obama announced earlier today that he’s optimistic about the political change in Myanmar, but that more work is needed to push forward with reforms. The Southeast Asian nation emerged from international exile status four years

Catholic bishops in the US rally behind Obama on immigration reform

The immigration crisis in the United States became all too apparent over the summer when tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors began crossing the nation’s southern border into Texas. The United Nations calls those fleeing Central America

Obama authorizes the Pentagon to call upon reserve troops

President Obama issued an executive order on Thursday which authorized the Pentagon to call upon reserve troops in order to combat the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus that has ravaged the West African nations of Guinea,

President Obama approves a Civil War soldier for the Medal of Honor

More than 150 years after his courageous death in the Battle of Gettysburg, an officer in the Union Army is being awarded the highest military decoration that the United States has to offer, thanks to a campaign

Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria

President Barack Obama has authorized surveillance flights over Syria, which could very well be a precursor to airstrikes in the war-torn country. President Obama won’t necessarily seek congressional approval for airstrikes against Islamic State militants in the

Boehner isn’t going to let Obama have a “blank check” to fix the border crisis

Speaker John Boehner said President Obama will not given a blank check to deal with the immigration crisis at the southern border. Speaking at his weekly press briefing Thursday, Boehner said “…the administration started earlier this month