Porn May be a Drug

Porn Industry

The internet has allowed the porn industry to spread to become easily available to just about everyone with a device and a connection. It isn’t hard to find porn. It’s often put up in front of us and our families even if we’re not interested in seeing it. The temptation of porn is everywhere online.

One contention by Fight the New Drug is that pornagraphy is an addictive drug-like element of society that is actively participating in the destruction of society. There are those who would say that it’s not a bad thing, that it allows people to express their urges without involving violence. However, the numbers do not support this. Violent sexual crimes are on the rise pretty much around the world.

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Interesting Stats About Car Safety

Volvo V40

Safety has been less of an issue at the top of mind of consumers over the past few years. It isn’t that they are less concerned. It’s that cars themselves are getting safer in general. The technology being put into automotive research and safety precautions have far exceeded where the industry was just a decade ago.

Still, it’s an important topic, particularly for anyone has been in or know someone who has been in a serious accident. Regardless of how much technology is put into vehicles, when a metal object is traveling at high speeds with humans inside it, there is a potential for disaster. Safety is still a top concern for manufacturers even if many consumers have cooled to its importance.

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Busted: 10 Allergy Myths

Allergy Myths

Those who suffer from allergies often live in a world of pain and annoyance. Having to make decisions based upon the circumstances in the environment is something that everyone does, but when one must consider other conditions as well, it can be a hassle.

As a result, there have been a growing number of myths surrounding allergies that have been spreading like crazy. Some of it’s due to the internet. Some of it’s due to faulty science. Some of it has no explanation, but it’s there. In this infographic from Bob Jenson, we take a look at the world of allergies and ten myths that need to be sneezed out of existence.

Allergy Myths Infographic

Violent Crimes Heat Up in the Center of Washington DC

Violent Crime

Most cities have dangerous areas where crime consolidates. These high crime areas are often dispersed into different parts of cities, but the nation’s capital has a high concentration of violent crimes that pop up in the center.

Then, there’s the area on the east side of the river. This is where the pockets start to pop up and some of the most dangerous zones can be found in these places. Congress Heights, for example, has 31% of their crimes classified as violent. It’s a dangerous place as this infographic demonstrates.

Violent Crime Washington DC Infographic

In Sickness and In More Sickness: Healthcare Booms in Good or Bad Economy


Nothing says “job security” like working in an industry that everyone needs regardless of their money situation. Healthcare has not only avoided the dreaded recession, it has been the focus of US government initiatives to increase its size and scope.

A recent study shows that there may be over 500,000 additional nurse positions available by 2018, over twice as much as the second highest growing profession (accountants and auditors). As long as there’s sickness, there’s always going to be a need for people to make us better.

This infographic by our friends at Course Hero breaks down medical as well as other arenas and compares the differences between college graduates and those who enter the workforce early. Common sense (and our mothers) tells us that getting a college degree makes sense, but just as there will always be nurses, there will always be statistics telling us to go to school.

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Where Will “The Big One” Hit?

It’s only a matter of time. Somewhere soon, a huge earthquake will strike and it’s anyone’s guess as to where that will be. Or is it?

This graphic by our friends at GOOD puts numbers to the equation and gives us a speculative analysis of the possible targets of the next major earth-shaking catastrophe.

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The Middle East Domino Effect

Tunisia is already yesterday’s news, but the effects will be felt for months and years. It isn’t just in the small country itself, but rather the effects that the successful regime-change will have on the area in general.

This graphic by The Visual News puts it nicely into perspective for us as this tumultuous landscape of political upheaval that has reigned as a state of being in the region for centuries appears to be hitting a tipping point fueled by both technological advances (particularly in communication) as well as the increasing boldness of the people who are now more empowered than ever before.

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