Could Google Stock hit $2000?

Google Stock

It’s pretty impossible to conceive, isn’t it. How could any tech stock triple in price in less than two years when it’s at that level. Sure, stocks jump up by over 200% in much shorter periods of time, but not when they’re already over $1000. It’s not possible, right?

Actually, in the case of Google, their current projects could do more damage than just $2000. That could be shooting themselves short. You see, they made it where they are today through their core businesses: search, mobile, and advertising. Those are small compared to some of their other endeavors including health, energy, and connectivity.

Don’t be surprised to see them end 2014 with a value more than double their already-gigantic stock value.

According to The Street:

The game really changes, however, when one of those infamous Google side projects turns into another massive revenue generator distinct from search and advertising. If that ever comes to, $2,000 might be a conservative price prediction.

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For YouTube-Only Users, Google has Failed


Google has always wanted to be the center of the online universe. They’ve recently wanted to become the center of the offline world as well, but that’s a different story. Their latest move towards online domination comes at the price of its own users and they aren’t taking it very well.

YouTube has remained independent of Google proper for a long time. The switch to make them a full Google property started in 2011 when they started requiring Gmail accounts in order to access all of the features of YouTube. This was an annoyance but it was only the beginning to the bigger play which they just unveiled in the last month and a half.

Now, Google+ accounts are required in order to get the full scope of features, including commenting. If this surprises people, that’s because they didn’t understand the goals of the company. They aren’t interested in how funny your comments are. They’re only interested in your activities and the best way to control monitor those activities is through their social network. Now, if you want to play, you have to pay in the form of personal tracking and data.

This makes many YouTube-only users unhappy. In essence, Google sucked them in and now it has failed them by forcing something onto something that they didn’t really want. Don’t expect Google to change it back, either. This is their path. It’s been their path since before Larry Page took over the day-to-day operations of the company. It’s not going to change any time soon.

According to Guardian Express:

For the first time in eight years, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim has spoken out against Google’s updates to the website. Instead of uploading a video, Karim merely posted a passive aggressive question to his personal account:

“Why the **** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”

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When Local Search Goes Terribly Wrong

Local search has become a hot niche within the overall search landscape. Web searchers want to easily access data about what’s around them as efficiently as possible. As a result, more local search tools are popping up. is one of these new local search destinations. Originally released at the beginning of the year in “Beta,” WhatsOpen’s only unique feature was its claim to provide hours of operation data for businesses that appeared for a user’s search query. Unfortunately, upon using the site for only a few seconds it became clear that the initial version of Whats Open had completely inaccurate and useless data, and had little more to offer than a cute frog logo and some fluffy language hyping their supposed testing in China and a pending mobile application just around the corner. [Read more...]