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Google unveils three new members of the Nexus family

Google unveils three new members of the Nexus family

One day ahead of Apple’s highly-anticipated iPad event that will see the company introduce a range of new products, Google announced its own batch of new products. Both the Nexus 6 smartphone and the Nexus 9 tablet have been expected for some time, but the Nexus Player, Google’s answer toRead More

Google is collecting health data for its revolutionary new genetic study

Google’s got a big new project and it’s you. Well, not just you, but a genetic and molecular study of humanity that aims to grasp at what a healthy human should be. It’s in its early days, collecting anonymous data from 175 people, but it plans to expand to thousandsRead More

Could Google Stock hit $2000?

It’s pretty impossible to conceive, isn’t it. How could any tech stock triple in price in less than two years when it’s at that level. Sure, stocks jump up by over 200% in much shorter periods of time, but not when they’re already over $1000. It’s not possible, right? Actually,Read More

For YouTube-Only Users, Google has Failed

Google has always wanted to be the center of the online universe. They’ve recently wanted to become the center of the offline world as well, but that’s a different story. Their latest move towards online domination comes at the price of its own users and they aren’t taking it veryRead More

When Local Search Goes Terribly Wrong