Chevy Gets Good at Big Event Advertising with Third Straight Win

Chevrolet Advertising

One of their Super Bowl ads was touching and memorable. The other was memorable. Their Olympics ads were… discussed. Now, Chevrolet has made news again with their Oscar advertising, this time done by amateurs with an excellent soundtrack courtesy of the kazoo.

The most recent round of big-event advertising for Chevrolet will be watched often on television and YouTube. It features a short film made by kids that is clever and actually focuses on the car (in this case a Chevy Cruze). This may seem like an obvious necessity in a car ad, but anyone watching them lately will see that some of the choices by major manufacturers have been focusing less on the cars and more on a lifestyle or two.

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Chevy Pushes the Cruze Through Worldwide Hatred of Music

Chevy Cruze Worldwide

Every person has music that bugs them. It’s always made worse by a loved one singing to the music obnoxiously in the closed compartment of a car.

Chevrolet is playing on this notion with their new ad, but it doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. Yes, it’s annoying, and as viewers we start getting annoyed. It highlights the ability to change the channel on the radio, something that isn’t exactly unique.

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Is this McDonald’s Ad on Digg asking too much?

McDonalds ad on DiggAdvertising sometimes goes too far. They just don’t always understand exactly what they are implying. I’m sure they didn’t mean to command people like dogs (or worse?) but that’s exactly what they did on this ad that is currently appearing on Digg.

Here is a portion of the original page where it was found:

Digg McDonalds

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Behavioral Targeting: The Online Advertising Catch-22

Marketing BadlyAdvertising on the Internet isn’t what it used to be. People aren’t falling for the “9,999th Visitor” iPod winner ploy. They are catching on to Google Adsense, and pop-up blockers have destroyed that avenue.

The problem is, they also don’t want to pay to visit websites. “Don’t make money off of us, AND make it all free.” That’s the message, and a recent study described in Arstechnica about Web surfers and Behavioral Targeting touches on this fact. Check out that article (later) but first, let’s take a look at a solution. [Read more…]