Studio Ghibli will no longer be making any movies

Studio Ghibli will no longer be making any movies

Sadly, it looks like the rumors are true: Studio Ghibli is considering ceasing production of feature films after almost 30 years in the business. Japan’s beloved Studio Ghibli is well known for movies such as “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Spirited Away”, and many more excellent films.

The studio’s general manager, Toshio Suzuki, announced the news on Japanese television, which has come shortly after the departure of legendary animator, director, producer, and screenwriter, Hayao Miyazaki.

Ever since Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata retired, the studio has been unable to afford to pay staff. While the studio will cease producing feature films, it will maintain a small staff for managing its trademarks, the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, and its freelance division which produces advertisements and music videos.

The studio’s new freelance projects model would operate in much the same way that the studio originally worked, back before the release of “Porco Rosso” in 1992. The only difference is that they were still making films back then, whereas now, they won’t be.

Hayao Miyazaki’s last film was called “The Wind Rises”, which was a fictional biography of Japanese aircraft engineer Jiro Horikoshi. The film was met with universal critical acclaim when it was released in Japan in July of last year.

Isao Takahata’s last film was called “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”, and was based on an old Japanese folktale. The film was met with good reviews but only pulled in half of what it cost to produce when it was released in Japan in December of last year.

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