South Korea evacuates border

Korea Artillery Fire Exchanged

Weapons exchanged between North and South Korea has prompted Seoul to order evacuations of citizens along the border with their long-time enemy. With the north deploying Scud missile batteries close to the border and Rodong missile planted in North Pyeongan Province, the US ally is preparing for an invasion. If war is coming, who will make the first move?

Both sides are pointing fingers at each other, claiming that the other side fired artillery shells first which prompted a response. North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-un is considered a wildcard who acts irrationally, furthering concerns that a continuation of a war that technically never ended could be on the horizon.

According to RT:

Relations between North and South Korea are tenser than usual at the moment in the wake of a land mine incident this month. Two South Korean troops were hit by a primitive landmine explosion, with Seoul blaming Pyongyang, an accusation the North denied. Mounting propaganda loudspeakers along the borders was the South’s response to the incident.

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