Skepticism in Middle East precedes summit

Persian Gulf nations are hoping to put firm agreements in place with the United States for security in the region. The “gentleman agreements” that have been in place for decades are no longer enough for Middle East nations to trust the Untied States in general and specifically the Obama administration with Iran continuing destabilize the region. Yemen’s capital being taken by Iran-backed Houthi rebels is just one of many foibles the nations point to ahead of talks at Camp David.

The summit of US and allied Arab leaders at Camp David was supposed to be a rallying point for stability in the region, but the attendance list is dwindling. Saudi King Salman was the first to decline and the NY Times is reporting that most of the other heads of state are skipping the event as well. This comes as the United States continues to try to force a nuclear agreement with Iran that most agree will not actually prevent them from getting a nuclear bomb but that will likely encourage them to push further once the sanctions are lifted.

VOA reports:

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