Security now the issue with Clinton’s email

Hillary Clinton Winking

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used a private email server to conduct official state business. That much is known and only the minutia is being disputed by the former Secretary of State’s camp. Now, the FBI is checking to see if the setup itself was even secure.

Denver-based Platte River Networks declined to comment about being contacted by the FBI on the matter. They are the technology company responsible for setting up the email system for Clinton and her staff. The complex system was put in place to remain secure since sensitive emails were being sent through it, but the FBI isn’t so sure.

According to the Washington Post:

The FBI’s interest in Clinton’s e-mail system comes after the intelligence community’s inspector general referred the issue to the Justice Department in July. Intelligence officials expressed concern that some sensitive information was not in the government’s possession and could be “compromised.” The referral did not accuse Clinton of any wrongdoing, and the two officials said Tuesday that the FBI is not targeting her.

Read more on the Washington Post.

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