Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and Bobby Jindal should endorse Ted Cruz

Scott Walker, Rick Perry, and Bobby Jindal

Three conservative governors who had high hopes going into the election fell off quickly. All of them can look to Donald Trump as one of the biggest reasons for their fall. Now, they have an opportunity to help correct the path that the Republican party is heading down by endorsing the candidate whose ideology is closest to theirs.

The reality of the situation is this: America needs a strong, conservative leader and none of them think that Donald Trump is that person. While some of his ideas ring true to conservatives, he has demonstrated throughout his life that he does not believe in conservative values but instead likes to spout about them when it’s convenient. He’s bends for the sake of political expediency which is ironic since he’s built a reputation among his followers as someone who doesn’t bend. This is clearly not the case since he’s been bending his entire career, but he’s also an incredible salesman so it’s understandable that some people would fall for his pitch.

Ted Cruz represents many of the same principles and policies that the three early dropouts espouse. He shares the same stalwart attitudes about national security, has honed a deep understanding of the economy, and wants to control border security in much the same way that they do. Donald Trump talks with the same basic premises but lacks the depth to accomplish the goals that he’s setting forth.

There’s another issue beyond Trump. If the Republican Establishment gets their way, Marco Rubio will be the nominee. This is almost as bad as Trump in the eyes of conservatives like Walker, Perry, and Jindal, but they would view a Trump candidacy as a far worse fate for the Republican party.

They weren’t able to make an impact on the Presidential race, but there are cabinet positions to fill and a Vice Presidential candidate to find for a Cruz Presidency. Endorsements go a long way towards impressing the campaign, the voters, and the President himself.

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