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Sarah Palin ImageSarah Palin has been all over the news.  Ever since her tapping as John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate, the world has been watching her, waiting for her to shine or fail.  The scrutiny has gone beyond any other VP candidate in history because she was relatively unknown, she has strong views that are controversial at times, and yes, most importantly, because she is a woman, the first GOP VP female candidate.

With all of the news swirling around her, it can be difficult to find the real facts.  Here are 10 websites that are as honest and factual as they can be, trying not to totally endorse or smear her, but simply to tell us who she is.  Read them, enjoy them, link to them, but most of all, understand that the real issue here is not her gender but whether or not she can lead this country as President if that day comes.

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  1. Sarah Palin on Wikipedia: While I hate to jump on any Wikipedia bandwagon, this one seems to be fairly well maintained and guarded.  While the information on it is rather limited by Wikipedia standards, it is still full of enough information to understand more about here.
  2. Sarah Palin on Gawker: There are many websites with funny information about Sarah Palin.  Gawker, while not the most  robust news source, does a great job with this article about some of the more ridiculous information and rumors surrounding the Palin phenomenon.
  3. Sarah Palin Facts: Definitely tilted, but informative still.  There is data on here that is priceless.
  4. Sarah Palin on the Issues: Unbiased, factual, and based on extensive research.  A perfect tool for those who want the facts and nothing but the facts.
  5. Sarah Palin Blog: This one is obviously tilted in her favor, but still offers resources and fair reporting on the issues and news surrounding her.
  6. Sarah Palin News: Nothing beats Reuters for the pure, unbiased news.  The Palin page on their website is no exception.
  7. Sarah Palin Jokes: Where there is news, the jokes must follow.  This is no exception.
  8. Sarah Palin Support: For those looking for a place to read about and get active in supporting Sarah Palin, this is the place.
  9. Sarah Palin Buzz: This is a site that pulls from others to compile the latest buzz about Sarah Palin from the Internet.
  10. Sarah Palin More Information: Wow.  Talk about complete coverage.  Here is the source for anything and everything that has to do with Sarah Palin.

That’s it.  More are popping up every day, but these 10 should have enough for any Palin supporter or detractor to fill a day or two worth of reading, fact-finding, and strategizing.  Hopefully there are members of her or Barack Obama’s campaign teams looking at this list right now.

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