Ron Paul blasts letter regarding Iran signed by son

As Senator Rand Paul ramps up his campaign for the GOP nomination for president, he’s facing some harsh, albeit indirect, criticism from his own father. Former Senator and presidential candidate Ron Paul blasted the motivation behind the Senate’s stance on the Iran nuclear talks.

“I strongly disagree with the motivation of that statement made by so numerous members of Congress, particularly in the Senate,” the elder Paul said Saturday. “They’re out to stop peace. They are terrified that peace may well break out.”

The letter in question was signed by his son and details the Senate’s objection to any peace deals or lifting of sanctions by the Obama administration without Congressional approval. It has been seen as a roadblock to securing a deal.

It may all be moot. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, said on state television this week that he does not trust the Americans. His staff echoed his sentiment on Twitter.


Rand Paul has been trying to soften his image on foreign policy, shying away from his father’s isolationist mentality and demonstrating an openness to more moderate stances on how the US interacts with the rest of the world. While doing this, he will still have to maintain a strong relationship with his father’s base if he has any chance of securing the nomination.

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