Republican Senate should have forced the fight over Planned Parenthood

Ted Cruz Planned Parenthood

The last time the Republicans forced a government shutdown in 2013, they went on to win the majority in Senate. They took criticism from the outspoken left but demonstrated strength of conviction to the American people, for which they were rewarded the following year. This recent sign of weakness prevents criticism but betrays the mandate they were given to fight for what’s right. Instead, they folded.

Their reasoning was that they couldn’t withstand a filibuster from the Democrats. Regardless of whether they did or not, they had the opportunity to put it on record that they did not want to fund Planned Parenthood until the investigation was complete. More importantly, they would have put on record that the Democrats wanted to fund Planned Parenthood despite very serious allegations of possibly illegal and clearly immoral activities pertaining to the sale of human body parts.

They chose to fall back and surrender to the Democrat minority. They chose to save themselves from criticism rather than to fulfill their oath or act with conservative compassion. They sacrificed their values for the sake of popularity. They also missed the opportunity to put act as their constituents want with an overwhelming number of their voters opposed to funding Planned Parenthood until the investigation is complete.

They all failed except for one Senator: Ted Cruz.

As political pundits promote the idea that Cruz is “done in the Senate,” they fail to realize one important factor. Very few people like the Senate. In fact, their favorable ratings in polls have been dropping ever since it became clear that the Republicans weren’t going to do what they said they were going to do when they were attempting to win the majority. Nothing has changed on Capitol Hill. It’s as if there Democrats still hold the majority.

Senator Mitch McConnell is popular among Senators and disliked by most voters. This says something about the disconnect between what we want and what they’re willing to do for us. They aren’t listening. They are in a bubble that protects them from the reality of what they really should be doing. Instead of acting on behalf of Americans, they’re acting on behalf of the Republican Establishment that prefers “going along to get along” rather than fighting for what’s right.

The push to defund Planned Parenhood would have failed. Even if they could have survived a filibuster by somehow getting the necessary 60 votes, they would never have survived a veto. Either way, it’s fine. It demonstrates that their values are aligned with their constituents and that they’re willing to fight in the face of defeat. That goes a lot further than bowing down to the President and the Senate minority.

For Ted Cruz, this is a victory, though nobody in the left-leaning media will acknowledge it. America is seeing that there’s on principled, courageous Senator fighting against the masses that do nothing to earn their positions. If everyone hates the Senate and the Senate hates Ted Cruz, everyone else should love him.

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