‘Realistic’ immigration reform is far from realistic

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

The hot topic on the Republican side of the Presidential candidate nomination process has been immigration ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy by saying that many illegal immigrants were rapists, kidnappers, and murderers. After the last GOP debate, the lines are being drawn between the candidates about whether they’re going to be militant like Trump or realistic like Jeb Bush…

…or should we say realistic like Marco Rubio. One of the fresh-faced darlings of the Republican party has usurped his mentor and fellow Floridian as the establishment candidate of choice. Rubio is on the verge of being declared “the voice of reason” by many political pundits who view Trump’s perspective as too harsh and unrealistic.

If Bush isn’t going to be strong enough and if fellow moderate John Kasich is going to be too small to be a threat, then Rubio will be forced to pick up the mantle. He’s the right guy for it, of course, with his activities in the Gang of Eight that tried desperately to pass amnesty legislation. They made it through the Senate but it stalled in the House. Now, the Republican establishment is about to rally around him.

Here’s the problem with that. Despite polls that say the majority of Americans support some form of amnesty or path to citizenship, the reality is that they do not. No, I’m not saying that the polls are rigged (though they are increasingly inaccurate in a world of smart phone dominance) nor am I saying that people don’t know what they think. It’s clear that they misunderstand the implications of the situation. They equate easy-going, mainstream-media-supported actions to solve the illegal immigration problem as a way to protect all immigrants and to cater to their desire to not be labeled a bigot.

The reality is very harsh. The reality is ugly. One does not have to be all the way hardcore on the issue like Ann Coulter to realize that two things will happen if we offer a pathway to citizenship to those who broke the law to enter our country:

  • The 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the country will not be the only problem. If we think the border problem is bad now without a path to citizenship, wait until news spreads that if you can somehow get into the United States, they’ll make you a citizen. The details of amnesty or a pathway to citizenship will get lost in translation. It doesn’t matter if cutoffs are in place or if limits are imposed. The word across the border will be that America is making illegal immigrants into citizens and the flood gates will open.
  • Democrats will be able to form an insurmountable majority. This would be good news to the Democrats, which is why they’re so adamantly supportive of the initiative. However, with a 5:1 ratio of prospective Democrats to prospective Republicans crossing the border illegally, a path to citizenship followed by the opening of the floodgates would take away the balance that has operated properly in this country for decades. This reason alone should make even left-leaning moderates want to vote Republican in the next Presidential election, even if it’s only this once.

Ted Cruz, who has similar views to Trump about the law while not being as radical about dep0rtation, has fought the hardest against amnesty. Without endorsing him as a candidate, we can say that his views on illegal immigrants makes the most sense and are fundamentally different from Rubio’s.

It’s important to keep in mind that the mainstream media, which controls the talking points and many of the opinions of Americans, is very much for amnesty or a pathway to citizenship. If the American people took a logical and unbiased view of the situation, they would see that they’re being manipulated. The reality is this: no other country is willing to accept this form of uncontrolled access across their borders nor are they willing to reward those who broke their laws with citizenship because it’s economically untenable. The pure and honest truth is that amnesty or a pathway to citizenship will absolutely, 100%, without a smidgen of a doubt hurt nearly everyone who is here legally, especially those who are first-generation legal immigrants.

Those who came to this country by following the law and taking the hard path will feel the most economic pain from a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Those who were born in this country will also be hurt as a result of increased burden on government services, a larger workforce requirement at a time when millions of citizens cannot find work, and an increase in political correctness. This last point should not be lost on anyone, particularly at a time when political correctness is affecting the ability of average Americans to operate normally.

It’s also a self-perpetuating cycle. It’s politically correct to believe in amnesty. If amnesty happens, it will become more of a requirement to be politically correct. There are times when being on the far-right or far-left on an issue doesn’t make sense, but in the case of illegal immigration, the middle of the road is the worst case scenario. A Republican-led push for a path to citizenship like the one that Rubio has proposed is as bad if not worse than the proposals being made by Democrats. It solves the problem of political correctness (by perpetuating it) while opening up Pandora’s box regarding the other issues that will follow.

Before anyone should assume that a path to citizenship makes the most sense to reward those who have broken the law, they should truly take a look at the implications of such a move. Whether you like Trump or Cruz doesn’t matter. They’re the only candidates who seem to understand the weight of this problem on America.

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