Real American Sniper Chris Kyle revealed much in his 2012 TIME interview

160 confirmed kills. Men, women, and children mark notches on his belt. Chris Kyle was a Christian who believed in God over country and believes he will face judgment, but he was very clear about his conscience: no regrets.

Part of this belief stemmed around his firm belief that everyone he killed helped to save American lives. Another part of his clear conscience could be that his sins we regular throughout his life, but killing in war doesn’t qualify as a sin. God sent Jews to kill people during war and Kyle believed that he was justified. Murder is murder, but war is different from Kyle’s perspective.

TIME magazine published a video with 10 questions for Kyle after the release of his book. America’s hottest movie right in early 2015 shares the same name, American Sniper. With that success, TIME has began promoting the 2012 interview and has released the transcript from the entire interview. Here’s an excerpt followed by the video itself:

Do you get bad dreams that specifically refer to the fact that you were a sniper?

Sometimes you do. Sometimes you might read a book or watch or TV or something will jog your memory and you think about it right before you go to bed and something will come up.

Whether you think Kyle was a hero or a cold-blooded killer (or both) won’t take away from the fact that his life in the Middle East and back in the United States makes from an interesting tale.

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