Quentin Tarantino isn’t all wrong but we’re boycotting anyway

Quentin Tarantino

There’s one thing that director Quentin Tarantino said that is absolutely correct. He has a 1st Amendment right to speak his mind just as his detractors have the same right to speak out against him. Of course, what they say about him is something he continually calls “slander” so apparently the 1st Amendment only goes one way in his book.

The problem with the police in America is not a “problem of white supremacy” as the director said.

The real problem is that the police have been backed into a corner over the last two decades and particularly in the last six years and their responses in many cases are incorrect. There is no doubt that many in law enforcement roles around the country have abused their power and acted in ways that are not becoming to people charged with protecting the Constitution and the citizens within their jurisdiction. With that said, the outrage and attacks by people like Tarantino, groups like Black Lives Matter, and the Obama administration are misplaced. They aren’t wrong in their goals for the most part. They’re wrong in their actions. They aren’t helping to solve the problems. They are creating bigger problems as has been clearly seen in recent years.

We will be boycotting the director. We would put an ultimatum about what would change our perspectives, but we are pretty certain that he won’t be changing his tune from inflammatory to productive any time in the near future.

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