President Obama’s lack of moral authority is why America no longer leads the world

President Obama Moral Authority

As fluffy attack videos go, the recent post by Breitbart is strangely encouraging. It’s not that it gives hope for a change within the President or the direction he has set forth for the United States. It’s just a reminder that we have a little over a year to go with him.

For years, I have dismissed the President as someone who didn’t really have enough pull with the American people or Congressional leaders to push a destructive agenda. I apologize. I was wrong. While his policies may be impotent, his ability to make them spread is clearly not. We could go into great detail about his failings as a President and how his policies have jeopardized everything from the economy to the environment (yes, the environment) but we want to focus as Breitbart did on the danger that he has put Americans in by failing to lead the country from a position of strength.

The last six of seven years of his Presidency seem to be focused on declaring to the world that he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize. If you want to call this a ludicrous accusation, be sure to listen to what he says, how he says it, and what he has initiated around the globe. The Russians don’t respect us. The Iranians don’t fear us. The North Koreans laugh at us. Most importantly, our allies don’t trust us. Say what you will about the disasters that President George W. Bush put forth in his Presidency. The one thing you can’t say is that we weren’t respected. Today, we aren’t respected by the international community and we are viewed as just another country that talks big and does very little.

Believe it or not, there really was an opportunity for the President’s policies to work. To do so, he would have had to establish himself and America as the moral authority. That means that he would have had to go in when he was called to go in and stay out when he was called to stay out. Unfortunately, he did the exact opposite. He helped to create the situation in Libya and Egypt. He failed to act when there was still hope in Syria. Most importantly, he essentially established the downfall of Iraq and the rise of Iran by ending the mission before it was completed. There can be no moral authority when you’re directly responsible for the establishment of the Islamic State and the perpetuation of terror that is expanding around the globe.

Watch the video below with a combination of disgust and hope. We are not the country that we were before Obama took office, but the good news is that we have an opportunity to be a stronger country again as long as we keep his prodigy out of office.

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