Poverty, climate change, and ignorance are NOT what radicalize terrorists

Middle East Poverty

The narrative from the left is very clear. People become terrorists because they don’t have opportunities. They become terrorists because they aren’t educated and are preyed upon by recruiters who take advantage of their ignorance. There’s even a popular narrative today that it comes as a result of climate change.

Let’s look at these one at a time and debunk them for the falsehoods they are. The recent San Bernardino attack is finally being labeled as a a terrorist act even if most doing the labeling aren’t calling it a radical Islamic terrorist attack, but that’s a whole other issue. Now that we know it was terrorism and we can trace back the steps of the terrorists, we’re seeing a story that runs contrary to what liberals have been saying for a while.

These were not oppressed poor people who had no hope for the future. They weren’t unemployed peasants with nothing to lose. These were people who, by all accounts from friends and family, were living “the American dream.” They had the opportunities whose absence the Obama administration claims is at the root of terrorism.

As far as ignorance, that’s not the case either. We have seen across the world the rise in indoctrinated youths flocking to join the Islamic State from positions of educational bliss. They aren’t just a bunch of uneducated poor children born into the cause. If anything, it’s through the underground radicalization happening in schools around the world and even in the United States that is proving to be the ultimate recruiting grounds for jihadists. They aren’t ignorant. They are, in many cases, exceptionally well educated and have chosen through intellect to adopt the extreme tenets of the Koran in a “holy” battle for the god.

I’m not even going to address the lunacy of blaming terrorism on climate change. In fact, I’m embarrassed for those who think that Americans are so ignorant they’d fall for that line of thinking.

The video below is not in response to the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, or San Bernardino. This video was made back in June, but it’s very clearly relevant today.

If we’re not willing to see the problem for what it is and stop blaming the non-factors as the root cause, we will not be able to fight this battle that is spreading around the world like a plague.

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