Pope’s migrant plea looks great in headlines, but he could fix it all himself

Pope Francis Migrants

There’s a deep, dark secret about the Vatican that it seems like very few people really understand. They are, for all intents and purposes, the richest single organization in the world from a liquidity perspective. It’s for this reason that the Pope’s well-received plea for every Catholic within reach of Middle Eastern refugees to open their doors is actually the most hollow effort made by anyone in the middle of this crisis.

Nobody outside of the Vatican knows exactly how much money they have. The layers of money are so numerous and the history is so deep that the likely reason very little is made public other than what is required from entities like the Vatican Bank is that the number is beyond obscene. It’s known that the bank alone manages nearly $100 billion in assets. It’s speculated that the Vatican’s treasures in gold alone is in the billions. Some estimates have put their total portfolio (if it can even be called that) of assets in the trillion dollar range.

The Vatican could buy enough land, build permanent housing, and contribute enough food and living materials to have every refugee in the world living in peace and harmony in a matter of weeks. They could do this without feeling a blip in their financial clout.

With this in mind, people are still calling the Pope a saint.

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