Police are searching for a man who shot a police officer in Ferguson

Police are searching for a man who shot a police officer in Ferguson

As Ferguson, Missouri continues to be the site of nightly protests, two police officers were fired at last night in separate incidents that were unrelated to the protests. According to the police, a male Ferguson officer was shot in the arm during a routine patrol stop at around 9PM.

The officer was conducting a business check at the Ferguson Community Center when he noticed a man near the back of the building. When the officer got out of his vehicle to investigate, the man ran away, which prompted a foot chase.

“During the foot pursuit, the suspect spun toward the officer armed with a handgun and fired shots at the officer,” the St. Louis County police department said in a statement released by spokesman Brian Schellman. “The officer was struck in his left arm with one round.”

The officer, who was later taken to the hospital and treated for the injury he received, returned fire, but the suspect remains at large. Shortly after the first incident, an off-duty St. Louis police officer who was driving on the freeway in his own personal vehicle was fired upion by three men who police say pulled up alongside him.

“The officer’s vehicle was struck numerous times, however it does not appear the officer suffered any gunshot wounds,” Schellman said in the statement. Neither shooting is believed to be related to ongoing protests over the August 9 shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, police said.

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