Police in Germany are testing a crime-prediction system

The spirit of Minority Report is alive and well inside the police of Berlin, who recently announced that they’re considering deploying advanced software that’s able to predict crime, according to the Daily Mail. The police have even dubbed the project “Precobs” in a nod to the term that was used in the Steven Spielberg film.

Minority Report, which was set in 2054, revolved around police officers that used a system known as the “precogs” that were able to predict crimes, and then prevented them before they ever happened. It seems like the world is a few decades ahead of schedule, as police officers in two American states and London’s Metropolitan Police are testing similar systems.

According to Phys.org, German-developed system, who’s name is a contraction of “Pre-Crime Observation System,” uses data relating to the location, time of occurrence, and other details of past crimes such as home break-ins. When police report a new incident, the Precobs system analyses the data in search of a pattern that it could use to predict future targets.

The system was  by the Institute for pattern-based Prediction Technique in Oberhausen, according to Pocket-lint, and is currently undergoing testing in the southern German state of Bavaria where it has, at least so far, been producing “promising” results. However, some civil rights activists are worried that such a system could potentially become too invasive, an issue that movies like Minority report and animes like Psycho Pass touch on.

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