Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death

There has not been an execution in Pakistan over blasphemy laws, but they continue to condemn those found guilty. In the most recent example, a Christian sanitation worker was found guilty of the crime based in large part on rumors and circumstantial evidence. This comes over a year after the same incident sparked riots and attacks against Christian towns in the Muslim nation.

The mess started when a friend of Sawan Masih claimed that he had insulted Muhammad, the prophet of Allah. That was enough to turn Joseph Colony into turmoil with 170 homes and two churches burned to the ground. Now, the accused is condemned.

According to the New York Times:

A lawyer for Mr. Masih, 35, said Thursday that he would appeal the case to the Lahore High Court, which must sign off on death penalty cases. In a statement, Mr. Masih insisted that he had been falsely charged as part of a plot by businessmen to use blasphemy allegations to drive Christians from the land in Joseph Colony so that it could be seized for industrial use.

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